The Boots
Antwerp (BE)

Van Aerdstraat 22, Antwerpen
Antwerp (BE)

Very large bar/club with playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Good music, Large cruise & play area, Showers, Sports plus other styles
Sports party frequency: Quarterly (Irregular, sometimes entire weekend)
Dress Code not-so-strict
General comments:
Dress code depends:early evening= strict, after 22.30 mixed
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Last evaluation: December-2014
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Visitor Comments & remarks:
Jan.2016 (Mark): "I was there yesterday: right on time between 20 and 21 hrs. Only 12 guys there, all in sportswear, but very quiet nevertheless. Later that evening, around 22 hrs, other guys entered but hardly any body in sports outfit except for a few guys after 23.00. For real sportswear fetishists, this was (again) disapointing as other reviewers already mentioned. For the rest: boots is always horny if you like darkroom sex."
Dec.2014: "The early-night sportswear party is usually not so crowded (around 25-30 guys) but dresscode very good and atmosphere also good. Later that evening, the dresscode becomes 'all fetish'. This means 80% leather and rubber and about 20% sports. However, the good thing is that it is VERY busy. So, expect mixed atmospheres at the Boots, depending on when you enter. The bar is the biggest cruise bar in the Benelux: 5-6 floors(!), 3 bars, mega playrooms :P"
July 2014: "Sneaker partys at the boots become better. More guys than last year. You must come early because later in the evening the dresscode is mixed with leather, nude etc.

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