Essen (DE)

** This bar has CLOSED **

Large bar with large playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Good music, Large cruise & play area, Showers, Lockers, Sneaker parties, Sportswear-only parties
Sports party frequency: Monthly ()
Strict Dress Code
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** This bar has CLOSED **

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Last evaluation: November-2018
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(anonymous Nov.2018): sneaXX is a really good party with lots of guys of all ages (25-50), while XXsoccer is perfect for everyone who loves playing in soccer gear.

(Mark 2016): Different parties here: sneakers (sometimes strict, sometimes mixed with other dresscodes), prolls, soccer players, adidas-nike, etc.etc.... so the themes can vary every month. Sometimes crowded, sometimes a little quiet. On average: very nice, always very horny atmosphere. Check dressscode!

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