The Factory Cruising & Leather Bar
Torremolinos (ES)

Plaza de Andalucía
Torremolinos (ES)

Large bar with large playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Large cruise & play area, Sports plus other styles
Sports party frequency: Weekly (Fridays)
Dress Code not-so-strict
Twitter: no Twitter

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Last evaluation: November-2014
Opinions from 5 visitor(s)
Average rating (scale 1*...5*)  2** (=a little interesting)

Visitor Comments & remarks:
Sept.2016 (Mx): hardly any sportswear. But depending on the evening, there are always some horny and hot guys. Atmosphere is extremely cruisy. I found the staff very friendly and helpful.
Jan.2016: (anonymous) said "Awful grotty sleazy place, a haven for HIV infected guys. Lots of bareback sex going on here. Staff seems rude and openly encourage unsafe sex. Stay away if you want to live!"
June 2015: "Were here with 2 friends. We cannot call this a sprtswear party really. But not a bad place for cruising. The staff is very friendly."
April 2015 (by xsneax webmaster): "This will never become a real sportswear party. But the atmosphere is friendly and so is the owner who does his best to speak some English. But please note that Torremolinos is both Spain and a tourist place. Together this is a guarantee for mixed dresscodes :). Just make the best out of this extremely cruisy sex place. Busiest in summer. Enter late."
Nov.2014: (Mark) "Busiest in summer/spring/autumn (tourist season). But in the weekends also always guys from the Málaga town & province. NOT so many sports guys, basically it's 90% shirtless guys (or less). Nevertheless: atmosphere is mostly horny and discount for guys in sports outfit. Note: weekend nightlife in Torremolinos starts late."

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