Hot Dog club
Milano (IT)

Via Oropa 3, 20132 Milano (Enter via Fenix Sauna: in Flexo's courtyard on the left)
Milano (IT)

Very large bar/club with playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Good music, Large cruise & play area, Lockers, Sniff & Trample area, Sneaker-sports porn videos, Sneaker parties
Sports party frequency: Monthly (Usually last Friday)
Strict Dress Code
General comments:
Monthly: every last Friday
Twitter: no Twitter

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Last evaluation: June-2017
Opinions from 12 visitor(s)
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Visitor Comments & remarks:
June 2017 (tom2016): Not to be missed especially for the Sneakers and Foot weekends!!!!!! Spacious, friendly, loads of like-minded individuals,truly international, very good organisation. Recommended not only for sneakers but also foot lovers... You need a special card to enter which is always required from similar establishments in Italy. You can get it in the club or better in order to avoid lines before the party, get it in advance in the neighboring sauna (which is situated in the same building).

Adi (nov 2016): The biggest and best sneaker party in Europe. Two nights, so many guys, so much action. I travel from Holland to visit the 'international' editions only. They are really big and popular. This club was the former Flexo club. It's very big.

Xsneax admin (2015): We were there in 2014 and 2015. Host for the Milano European and Local "sneakersexitaly" sneaker parties. The European editions are always PACKED with hundreds of guys. In the rest of the year it is also a nice party, but not so big. This is a large club that is connected to a sauna and sometimes uses part of the sauna area for cruising.

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Party Dates @ Hot Dog club:

Fri. 28 Jan. 2022: Sniff My Sneax! details

Fri. 25 Feb. 2022: Sniff My Sneax! details

Fri. 25 March 2022: Sniff My Sneax! details

Fri. 29 April 2022: Sniff My Sneax! details

Fri. 20 May 2022: International SNEAKER & FOOT Weekend #24 (day 1/3) details

Sat. 21 May 2022: International SNEAKER & FOOT Weekend #24 (day 2/3) RELOAD details

Sun. 22 May 2022: International SNEAKER & FOOT Weekend #24 (day 3/3) - Last Action afternoon details

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