Berlin (DE)

Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Berlin (DE)

Very large bar/club with playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Good music, Large cruise & play area, Showers, Sniff & Trample area, Sports plus other styles
Sports party frequency: 2-Monthly (irregular days)
Mixed all-fetish dress codes
General comments:
Biggest cruise place in Europe, sometimes also open for discotheque on top floor (Berghain)
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Last evaluation: June-2017
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Visitor Comments & remarks:
June 2017 (tom2016): A lot of action going on, full of nice guys. Something for everybody. The staff EXTREMELY arrogant and thus I give only 2 stars.

January 2017 (Adi) : the Athletes parties are filled with many good looking guys. Very unfriendly door staff but clear about the dresscode. Inside, most guys just strip everything and walk around in jockstraps to go fucking. It's barebacker's paradise: lots of sex, but nobody seems to use a condom, which I personally dislike but I won'd judge on the choices other people make.

May 2015 (Mike): "Lots of guys. Lots of bareback sex. Officially, this place has a sportswear dresscode. The doorman checks your dresscode. But the reality: inside guys change into shorts, jockstraps or less. I do not consider this a sportswear party at all. It's basically a sex party shorts, jocks and naked. For sneaker lovers this is not interesting."

Dec. 2014: (by Tim) "Depends on the season, sometimes the ATHLETES Party it is absolutely filled with hot sportswear guys. Huge bar is located under the infamous Berghain disco. It also has space outside in summer. Extreme cruising. Dress code is enfored by the strict doorman, but once the guys are inside, they usually change into someting that does not even look like sportswear. I noticed office shoes, lots of (semi-)nude and other non-sportswear stuff, which was disappointing."

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