Club Church
Amsterdam (NL)

Kerkstraat 52
Amsterdam (NL)

Dance club - small playroom
Atmosphere: Dance floor, Good music, Small cruise & play area
Sports party frequency: 2-Monthly (Last Saturday of the ODD months)
Dress Code not-so-strict
Twitter: no Twitter

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Last evaluation: June-2017
Opinions from 16 visitor(s)
Average rating (scale 1*...5*)  5***** (=Great party!)

Visitor Comments & remarks:
June 2017 (tom2016): The place is quite compact, loads of handsome guys. The music is laud, the cellar normally full (ladz).They do ask you to show what you will wear in case it is a theme party.
Jan.2016: "My first Ladz: my best party ever. Strict dresscode. Thanks!!"
Oct. 2015: "Better since the dresscode is more strict. No more nudity and far less shirtless guys and more fetish. Better!"
Feb.2015: "They've made the darkroom less 'dark' - improved! :P".
Aug.2014: "One of the largest parties in Europe. Very popular. Dresscode is strict at the entrance, but 30 minutes later most guys have taken off their shirt :(. Some guys wear cotton gym-style t-shirts and shorts or 'fashion sportswear'. Darkroom is very dark and dirty but there is a lighter sniff area upstairs where the atmosphere is more relaxed ;) Altogether: immensely popular, excellent music, but not so much a fetish party, more a dance party for guys in sports and their admirers. Must-visit - judge yourself."

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Info based on 16 visitors. Last update: June2017

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Party Dates @ Club Church:

Sat. 26 March 2022: LADZ - gay sneaker sportswear dance & cruise party details

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