CoXx Men's Bar
Budapest (HU)

Dohány utca(=street) 38, 1072 Budapest
Budapest (HU)

Large bar with large playroom(s)
Atmosphere: Large cruise & play area, Sneaker parties, Sportswear-Proll-Skater-Cycling, Sports plus other styles
Sports party frequency: ()
Dress Code not-so-strict
General comments:
Every 1st Saturday
Twitter: no Twitter

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Last evaluation: September-2015
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Sept 2015 (a): "I was at Coxx in Budapest on 5 sept. They do not enforce the dress code there; only me and 1 other guy (probably a tourist too) were in sportswear (+ the staff of the club) :/. The bar itself is worth a visit. Large cruise bar, and a good crowd. I experienced the best crowd on Friday but that was just a one-time visit. Minimal consumption, but no cover charge/entrance fee"

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Party Dates @ CoXx Men's Bar:

Sat. 7 Nov. 2020: Sports, Sneakers & Speedo Night details

Sat. 5 Dec. 2020: Sports, Sneakers & Speedo Night details

Sat. 2 Jan. 2021: Sports, Sneakers & Speedo Night details

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