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FightClub - Sportswear, Sex, SM

Thu. 3 Nov. 2022 --21.00 hrs

From 21.00 - 03.00 Hr
(Repeats monthly)

Böse Buben

Sachsendamm 76-77 (in the hof), 10829 Schöneberg
Berlin (DE)

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Info from party organiser:
Take Bus line M46, stop at Sportzentrum Schöneberg - walk into the garden/parking place to find the entrance.
Party is a Mix with SM and sports. Dress code = Strict sportswear!

Motto also comprises apprenticeship, education, training, conditioning and disciplining. We provide our "Gym“ with mirrored walls, mattresses, rung lader, torture rack,diagonal crosses and cages for this party which you may use at your discretion according to our motto NO PAIN – NO GAIN!
At the same time, the fight club takes place in the gym room on the 2nd floor:
for everyone who likes wrestling, boxing or "MMA-Fight" and has an erotic or sexual view of it. Horny fight outfit (dresscode) increases the charm and for everyone who doesn't have or bring any equipment such as boxing gloves etc., let's provide something.
Dresscode: You will be wearing sneakers or flip-flops, sportswear, skater, soccer, shorts, trunks, lycra


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