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Fri. 30 Sept. 2022 --22.30 hrs

22:30 - 04:00 H
(Repeats monthly)

Hotdog Milano

Via Oropa 3, 20132 Milano
Milano (IT)

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Monthly sneaker party in Milano. Focus fully on sneakers, mostly combined with sportswear but less strict. Normally last Friday of the month (except for the XL "international editions")

Info from party organiser:
Advise: always check sneakersexitaly website
Note: ARCO Card required in Italy. If you don't have this card, you can access the club when you bring a valid ID document (ID, passport or drive licence). Card normally costs 17€ for all ARCO/Anddos affiliated clubs in Italy or 10€ for just the Hot Dog Club. Both cards are valid for 12 months from date of subscription.

Strict DRESS CODE: SNEAKERS with ..... Sportswear, Proll/scally outfits, Soccer, Shorts, Skater, Jeans & Tshirt, Lycra... NO FASHION !! NO PERFUME !!

Entrance €15 (one drink and wardrobe included). If you have registered on the list: Two drinks included.


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